Thursday, July 16, 2015

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'

Another new addition to my home plant paradise are three passion flowers.

You might remember that I once had four passion flowers:
  • Passiflora 'Petra',
  • Passiflora 'Purple Haze',
  • Passiflora 'Sapphire'
  • Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Elliott'

All four of them unfortunately did not survive on my windowsill - I guess they are "outdoor"-plants after all.

Now that we have moved and I finally have a garden, a south facing terrace and a south facing balcony, I got three new passion flowers.
This time I got myself a
  • Passiflora caerulea (hardy),
  • Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Elliott' (hardy, an old friend)
  • and the gorgeous Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'

The latter is my first ever red passion flower and it was also the first one to open one of her blossoms.

Like I said: plants like me and they seem to want to impress me... I can't help it.

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret' on July 3, 2015

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret' on July 6, 2015

New Addition: Sempervivum

My neighbor recently handed me a small pot with a plant in it. Apparently she had cut it from a bigger plant that resides on her south balcony and had just waited until it grew roots so she could give it away.
I must admit that I had no idea what it was called. I only knew that my mother-in-law has some of these, too.

I took it home and just put the pot outside on top of our litte fountain (that almost never runs) where it gets some rain and some water from the bottom if the fountain is running. And then I mostly forgot about it.

Two weeks later I looked outside and realized that it had grown somewhat long-ish and when I looked a bit closer, I saw that it was blossoming... despite my lack of information, effort and knowledge of its name!
I have no idea how I'm doing this. Plants just seem to like me, or they want to impress me or something.

By now I have learned that this is a Sempervivum and that now is its blossoming time. I will still need to learn more about its needs and will have to find a decent place for it to grow permanently.

Sempervivum blossoms on July 16, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crassula Pyramidalis Blossoming

I can't believe it... it has happened again!
Once again I had a plant on my windowsill which I was sure I was totally neglecting and maybe even killing... And the next thing I know or see is that this plant is growing flower buds!
Sometimes my green companions really surprise me. :)

Crassula pyramidalis "Buddha's Temple" blossoming on February 5, 2015

Crassula pyramidalis, whole plant on February 5, 2015

Crassula pyramidalis, sideshoots on February 5, 2015

Friday, October 31, 2014

How It All Began

In November 2006 I visited a botanical garden with my mother.
In the cacti and succulent house I stopped next to a patch of stones that had a name tag sticking in it. I wondered who would put a name tag on stones or what might have happened to the plant that used to grow there... and then I realized that there actually were plants growing there, they just looked exactly like the stones surrounding them.

They turned out to be flowering stones (or Lithops) and I was so fascinated by them that I went home and bought my first ever plant seeds - Lithops seeds.

That day in the botanical garden my love for plants and for growing things on my own window sills was born.

Desert Rose At Sunset

Desert Rose at sunset (an iphone photo)

Adenium obesum on August 8, 2012

... and the next day

Adenium obesum on August 9, 2012

Cactus Uni

The cactus and succulent nursery at our university.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Something Pink And Beautiful

I love how there are so many plants that blossom during fall and winter. It turns these otherwise dreary and gray seasons (even though right now we have brilliant sunshine here in Germany) into beautiful and colorful times.

My kitchen windowsill will soon be a collection of pink, red and white (I have yet to obtain a yellow one) blossoms of several different Schlumbergera plants. And what can I say? I just love them!

The pink ones were the fastest this year, closely followed by a red one with a single pioneer blossom that will open today or tomorrow. The white ones are not that far behind but they are generally the last ones to flower.

Pink Schlumbergera flower on October 4, 2014

Pink Schlumbergera flower on October 4, 2014